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(GVM)GLOBAL VILLAGE MARKETING CO.LTD is a Taiwan company, located in 2 F, No. 19, Lane 96, Sec. 2, Zhong Shan North Road, Taipei City. more detail is as below.

Company Information

  • Country: Taiwan
  • Address: 2 F, No. 19, Lane 96, Sec. 2, Zhong Shan North Road, Taipei City
  • International Area Code: 886
  • Phone: 886-2-2736-3380
  • Fax: 886-2-2531-4880
  • Contact: Admin
  • Position: Manager
  • Product List: Australia imports, the dress wholesales the retail price, advertising for the agency the distributor, the dress orders to do
  • Profile: The international development limited company(GVM) Global Village Marketing Co.Ltd of the source é‘« is the in pursuit of ego character that acts for to import well-known dress in Australia brand"Downtown" fad, look for the product special and difference consumer, provide another a kind of choice of different style. When the tradition emphasizes the handicraft technique and the good clothes that in all aspects has to soon measure the manufacture process also all in the middle of disappearing and become rare, the people even connect to wear what just real proper Match own basic feelings is all forgotten, however have a kind of special feeling, but more difficult and more difficult obtain in this society that only pays attention to the fast replication, That is a kind of elegant and low-pitched luxurious tasty, we call it for-the é›… wears the breeze

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