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  • Country: Taiwan
  • Address: 5/F,No.232, Kuang-Hwa 1ST Road,Lin-ya District,Kaohsiung,Taiwan,(ROC)
  • International Area Code: 886
  • Phone: 886-7-227-2766
  • Fax: 886-7-227-2768
  • Contact: Admin
  • Position: Manager
  • Product List: Titanium Series Product, negative ion Series Product, Flame retardant for Form PU, EPS,PVC, Electric cable. Nano-TiO2,Nano-SiO2,UV absorber, Every specific resins & products for varity application of industry use, Mg-St,Zn-St,Ca-St,TOTM、PTS、BGGK-50、DOP、DOA,Comparison- Analysis,Concrete additive agent. Waterproof, heat resistance, crack resistance series: elastic paint, PU, Epoxy,acrylic for metal, concrete & wood products. PU series resin & PU construction material,water-proof flexible sealant & PU leather & coating agent for PVC & PU leather. Fire resistance chemicals & products (usage for wood, paper, pulp,engineering plastics)., Water Absorber, Alternative PVC products know how & raw materials, specific complex stabilizer for floor tile, pipe for injection & extrusion, window frame, electric tape, leather and so on. Many kinds of NC Laquer for Melamine, PU, Fiber, Fire-retard, Absorb-light of night. High-Tech Scale-Removal for Stainless steel & Iron. Water treatment chemicals, design, equipment for raw water & waste water. Treatment for Cooling Water. Every lacquer of melamine, PU, nitrocelulose for metal & wood. High molecular plasticizer (usage for insulate, no poision, no migration,anti-refrigerate PVC products). Hot melt road marking paint. Maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed battery, know how & raw material chemicals. Biodegradable & non-toxic Paint-Removal (Absolutely Non-Methylene Chloride), Intensifier Elastomer for plastic bettering. High-Technological Ceramics raw materials. Rust-Removal Agent for multi-kinds of surfaces. Electroplate coating agent for Rack Plating.,Spray & Wipe Car Polish & Anti-Frog Agent for glass. Waterbase CaCO3, CaCO3, Multi-kinds of Kaolin, Soudium Cyclamate. Phosphate salt coating agent (no powder waste water). Corrosive inhibitor for HCL, H2SO4, HNO3, HF. Anti-Static agent. Softener for textile. Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Herb Solid Fragarnt Agent of High-grade, Cooling Shower Gel, Dishwashing Liquid. Air Freshener for Insect Repellent.
  • Profile: We(goyenchemical)GO YEN Chemical industrial Co.,Ltd, the potential fine chemical company, had founded in 1983.At the original foundation, GO YEN has been specializing in manufacturing, researching innovative fine chemical products. Also we export and serve for as many as twenty different countries around the world.We are seeking a reliable company represent our chemicals product in each region.If you are interested in represent our product, pls let us know. panya at goyenchemical.comBest Regard Ms.Panya HsuGOYENCHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD

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